Our Services

Our Services

Retirement Planning Services will give you the confidence you desire to help you sleep well at night. The comprehensive planning process will give you clarity around your retirement goals and objectives. I will help you walk through complex topics such as social security, Medicare and estate planning.  After you have achieved clarity, I will work with you in designing suitable accumulation and distribution strategies to make your dreams become a reality.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation

Investment Management Services allow my clients to achieve their goals by  designing, implementing and monitoring an investment plan based on their unique risk tolerance and investment goals. I am committed to utilize the most advanced investment research and technology available.  I am passionate about monitoring, reporting and advising my clients on their entire portfolio, not just the investments under Aurora Strategic Advisors’ direct monitoring.  Schedule a complimentary investment review and financial planning consultation.

Corporate Retirement Services  consultative approach begins with a thorough understanding of your goals as a plan sponsor. Whether it’s maximizing deferral amounts for the highly compensated or ensuring the plan is in compliance with ERISA, I understand the complexities of retirement plan administration and design. Schedule a complimentary meeting to conduct a comprehensive and objective review of your current plan and create a report illustrating current and alternative opportunities to enhance your plan offerings.


I will help you establish a  long-term investment strategy that reflects your goals and objectives by:

  • Determining risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and cash flow needs
  • Establishing asset allocation and portfolio management models
  • Evaluating current and future income producing investments
  • Monitoring and evaluating economic conditions, taxes, expenses, and performance 
  • Providing guidance in the areas of social security, Medicare, retirement strategies and estate planning


The planning begins with a complimentary discovery meeting.  I want to better understand your financial values, your goals that require planning and money to achieve, and where you are at today. 

I help our clients make smart educated choices with their money.  I understand how most families are so busy with their lives, they really don’t have time to carefully consider all aspects of how their finances fit together.   Do you know anybody like that?  I can help our clients develop a clear roadmap to achieve their most important goals in-line with their true financial values.