Aurora Strategic Advisors, LLC (ASA) is a comprehensive, fee-based advisory firm. There are many firms that take a “we are the experts” philosophy which typically focuses on transactional business or short-term gains.  I started Aurora so we could be a “trusted adviser” who had our client's best interest at hand. I believe Aurora Strategic Advisors is different from most of our competition. After reading about my firm, I hope you feel the same way.  I understand the value of an educated client and I do everything in my power to help you understand the different aspects of investing. Aurora Strategic Advisors is compensated exclusively by fees paid by our clients thereby allowing me to work in our clients’ best interests. In other words, we act in a fiduciary capacity when advising our clients.

The firm is built on two concepts, integrity and trust. I understand clients cannot begin to forge a relationship with a firm and Investment Adviser Rep unless these two concepts are in place. I take those concepts and begin working with the unique needs of our clients to create the vision they have for their future.  ASA's services are accessible to individuals and families, business owners, corporate retirement sponsors, and high-network clients who need ongoing portfolio advisory services.

The firm has also invested in state-of-the-art technology to help our clients monitor their entire financial picture in one place.  Track your investment accounts, 401(k), real estate, life insurance policies, collectibles, and more, all with the most advanced and secure technology available in the financial services industry.

I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to my unique formula for fiscal stability in your financial future. I invite you to call ASA to schedule a complimentary review of your financial plan.

I look forward to meeting you.




Darek W. Hunt,

CEO and Founder